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Volcanic emissions could still reach Antigua and Barbuda over the next 30 hours ABMS_Met_Office 00:49:16 2021-04-15
Air quality down to moderate levels until Tomorrow Wednesday ABMS_Met_Office 20:03:32 2021-04-14
Volcanic emissions could reach Antigua and Barbuda between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning ABMS_Met_Office 03:52:49 2021-04-14
High Surf Advisory in Effect for Mainly North-Facing Coastlines of Barbuda and Goes Back Into Effect Friday for Antigua Until Tuesday ABMS_Met_Office 14:33:02 2021-04-09
High Surf Advisory in Effect Until 8 pm Tonight for Antigua and Until Sunday for Barbuda ABMS_Met_Office 15:49:30 2021-04-07
Test du système NODS 15:05:49 2021-04-06
High Surf Advisory Goes Into Effect Monday Night Until Tuesday for Antigua and Until Thursday for Barbuda ABMS_Met_Office 04:45:04 2021-04-06
High Surf Advisory Goes Into Effect Tuesday Night Until Thursday ABMS_Met_Office 01:15:38 2021-03-31
Small craft warning in effect for both Antigua and Barbuda until Thursday ABMS_Met_Office 01:34:48 2021-03-28
Small Craft Advisory Goes Into Effect Friday Until Wednesday ABMS_Met_Office 23:55:48 2021-03-26